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Conferences and Shows

You’ve got your hands full. You want to trust your staff to take the ball and run, but hey!… They are busy too. If you’ve worked yourself into a corner while committing to participating in a trade show or conference – do not panic. Get in touch with Vonconcepts and we’ll consult to perform a needs analysis and put a plan in place that will not only save embarrassment of a half effort – but edify your company’s efforts. 

Let a Vonconcepts Division take care of the speaking, presenting and logistics so your staff can focus on their own sweet spots — working your business. If you are the owner, be on hand to meet, greet and press the flesh with influencers rather than check your watch the whole event to make sure you’re clear. 


So here’s the deal. We keep referring to “Divisions” and this is why. People have a hard time digesting that one source can meet so many needs – or they fear overpriced conglomerates taking them to the cleaners as they only need a this or that. By breaking ourselves into divisions, we are able to focus on the strength of that division. When a client needs another expertise – we can slide that in modularly and respect the corporate budgets along the way. Give us a shout. 

A John Maxwell certified Leadership Speaker and Coach, Kurt has excelled in the Powersports industry leaning on his own written work, to expand technical training curriculum for two separate Original Equipment Manufacturers. (Ducati & Suzuki) These are two very different companies and cultures that have experienced similar gains under his leadership. 

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A passionate extension for Vonconcepts, the Manana No Mas! portal allows Kurt and contributors to express ideas of goal setting and success, backed by a sample Learning Management System that incorporates the newest technologies in meeting the learning needs of our newest work force. Manana No Mas! has the ability to build curricula and host it for you with multiple options, from budget lease options to premium platforms. 

Location is Irrelevent

While currently based in Southern California with access to many airports and travel options, location is irrelevent. We can meet readily through our online tools, or be mobile to see you in person. Don’t restrict your choice to a map — the world is your oyster. 

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