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Manana No Mas! was born out of a frustrating moment. After months and months of working with small business owners and non-profit boards that failed to show an interest in their own success, a passionate conversation with some other professionals in the incubation game created the name.

“People need to stop acting like there’s always time to put things off until tomorrow. They need to get *it done! There is no tomorrow. Manana No Mas!”

The more seasoned gentleman in the room chuckled and said I love it. That would make a challenging company name. Manana No Mas! was born.

We broke the mold in the height of a recession. We had clients apply for our programs to become part of our network, that was succeeding in local business growth and political wins. We didn’t mess around with deposits. Clients paid up front and we never missed a deadline. If clients missed deadlines, they ran the risk of being eliminated from the program.
We began to attract bigger and bigger clients working with local TV channels and publications. We became an agency, hosting companies like Ducati.

Service Writing in Black and White

A simple straight-forward trade book was published through our Vonconcepts Division in 2007. Within a couple of years, a couple hundred books were in the market. This was considered a win as our perception in-house was that this was a very niche market.

Well, Ducati North America found the product through our dialed in SEO and read it. Months later, we were on a plane to California to perform a needs assessment and offer Fixed Operations Management training to Authorized Ducati Dealers.

Twice is a Trend

While at Ducati North America, we achieved a paradigm shift in the way the delaer network communicated with the company while originating an entirely new in-house train-ing program to replace their contract model.
Suzuki Motor of America, while completely different cultur-ally experienced the same effect… growth & perception

Powersports is a passion, not a limitation…

While great strides and growth were attained over the last decade in the powersports industry, it is not a limitation in the value Vonconcepts / Manana No Mas! can add to your group. Other areas of expertise include but would not be limited to:

* Powersports
* Marine
* Retail
* Culinary
* Production & Assembly
* Aviation
* Fitness
* Faith Based – esp. Youth
* Bicycling

Web Tools Make the World Go ‘Round

In today’s era this is certainly our experience. Part of the reason we discuss Vonconcepts in terms of Divisions is to simplify the conversation for our client. It can be hard to process popping on all cylinders under one roof.

Web Development, Learning Management Systems. Print Design, Copywriting, Editing, Publishing, & Social Strategy is all on the table.
From our perspective, paying some vendor half a million dollars a year to host your outdated LMS is just crazy. Almost worse is the pay-per-user examples that make scaling your project a costly adventure.
LMS’s – like our other projects – start with a conversation. This “Needs Assessment” gets everyone on the same page allowing us to propose the most value for your budget.
The Manana No Mas! part of us keeps it all on the rails, bringing your under budget project home on time.

Keeping it All On Track

At Vonconcepts / Manana No Mas! we employ an interactive time management tool. This web-based tool in conjunction with our goal oriented mindset allow us to track each division’s tasks in relation to the overall goals. Constant analysis in this area prevents us from missing milestones and deadlines.
Want one better? We even offer a service to help get your staff onto a productivity system and help manage it.

A foundational skill of our top team is the ability and reputation for hitting deadlines. We also excel at inspiring others to hit theirs. 

Conferences & shows

Need to assign a new dynamic to your display? Add a teaching or coaching element to build off of your Staff? We fit that sweet spot with flexible applications.

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Business Budget

In a world full of quarter million dollar e-commerce and LMS sites, our divisions offer a refreshing perspective to respecting budget thresholds – leased or purchased.

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Online marketing

How are you optimizing your social outreach? If you are one company trying to reach the masses, imagine linking in association to increase the views. 

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Good content takes time. Great content takes time and dedication. Maybe you know what you want to say and have great intentions, now what? Get it PUBLISHED!

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Back to time management. Managing time in most scenarios requires a “Timekeeper” — a project manager to strategize the steps, this is our forte. 


SO here’s the deal. We keep referring to “Divisions” and this is why. People have a hard time digesting that one source can meet so many needs – or they fear overpriced conglomerates taking them to the cleaners as they only need a this or that. By breaking ourselves into divisions, we are able to focus on the strength of that division. When a client needs another expertise – we can slide that in modularly and respect the corporate budgets along the way. Give us a shout. 

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A John Maxwell certified Leadership Speaker and Coach, Kurt has excelled in the Powersports industry leaning on his own written work, to expand technical training curriculum for two separate Original Equipment Manufacturers. (Ducati & Suzuki) These are two very different companies and cultures that have experienced similar gains under his leadership. 

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A passionate extension for Vonconcepts, the Manana No Mas! portal allows Kurt and contributors to express ideas of goal setting and success, backed by a sample Learning Management System that incorporates the newest technologies in meeting the learning needs of our newest work force. Manana No Mas! has the ability to build curricula and host it for you with multiple options, from budget lease options to premium platforms. 

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While currently based in Southern California with access to many airports and travel options, location is irrelevent. We can meet readily through our online tools, or be mobile to see you in person. Don’t restrict your choice to a map — the world is your oyster. 

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